Together, we’ll uncover your special talents.

And we’ll have a lot of fun doing it.


Deciding to work with a Coach can be exciting and overwhelming all at once, whether in a personal capacity or within a team/company structure. In addition to the anticipation of all the new tools and insights you’ll gain, you’re likely curious about what to expect from this new relationship and the process for our work together. Building off the core process detailed below, I tailor every session to meet the unique needs of each client. Below is a quick snapshot of the flow of my work.


New Beginnings

I start every new client relationship with a one-on-one conversation. Whether it’s getting C-suite member buy-in or having an introductory phone call with a new personal coaching client, every project starts with getting to know one another, clarifying goals, and setting expectations. Emotional engagement is a critical piece in all of my client relationships and the perfect complement to my Strengths facilitations. It’s the basis for the meaningful connections I forge with my clients and why so many of them have long term engagements—a true testament to the dedication and personal attention I bring to every relationship.


CliftonStrengths Assessment

After a thorough introduction to CliftonStrengths, I’ll provide a link and a code to take the full Assessment. The results from this tool will provide the foundation for our work together, allowing us to identify and cultivate the strengths that will help you reach your full potential. They are also insights that you will carry with you from job to job, and into every aspect of your personal life, making this one of the most lasting and powerful things you can do for your personal and professional development.



Together, we’ll discuss your goals, challenges, and opportunities which I use as insights when designing sessions and workshops for you. I’ll facilitate an engaging conversation to help you open up, get to know yourself on a new level, and create immediate and long term solutions to set you off on your personal journey.

My defining characteristic as a coach is my ability to create a safe space for vulnerability, laughter, and fun, whether in a team or one-on-one setting. I frame all of my guidance in a positive, motivating, and inspiring light. With a focus on activities that build trust, we’ll identify your winning qualities while identifying areas for development. 

Because transformation is my marker for success, I maintain a vast toolkit of Strengths-based activities and exercises to keep my work product fresh. I always wrap up with key takeaways and an action plan for moving forward with intentions and a new perspective.

Ongoing Support

Our work together doesn’t end after our first workshop or session. To ensure your growth is ongoing, I’m always available to you for continued support. Whether it’s a facilitated refresher or ideas for keeping the Strengths conversation top of mind—it’s important to make sure these new insights don’t fall to the wayside. I’ll work with you to make sure key takeaways stay fresh and am always available to provide ongoing support whether it’s a full session or to touch base on new needs. Tools for independent learning and growth are an essential part of my offerings so that you feel a sense of ownership over your growth. That’s why I create materials with longevity, so they remain a resource to you for years to come, whether alone or together, because my focus is always on you.