Implement ideas.
Create change.

Let’s get to work.


 My work isn’t transactional–
it’s transformational. 

That’s my driving philosophy for everything I do.


Bold declarations should announce impressive results, and I offer them in spades. If I could distill my magic down to one defining factor, it would be my unique approach to my work. Whether as a coach, consultant, or confidante, I am a resource, an advocate, a partner, and a friend to my clients through every step of our work together. It is the fusion of these roles that marks my unique style and consistent success. 

Today’s marketplace is anything but static, and my clients lead dynamic lives with ever-changing needs. That’s where my multidimensional approach comes in. With my background in business, the nonprofit sector, and Strengths coaching, I have the relevant knowledge to analyze and strategize to achieve results in any situation. Whether I’m analyzing team dynamics, facilitating C-suite conversations, or helping you attain a new level of self-awareness, I draw upon my decades of experience to create solutions that work. 

I rely on my hard skills to deliver results, but it’s my personality and personal approach to my work that sets me apart. It’s also what creates fulfilling and lasting relationships with my clients that leads to richer engagement, deeper connections, and more profound results. 




As a coach, I guide people through the process of seeing their unique Strengths. I highlight how to calibrate, outsource, or apply a different talent to achieve a better outcome. When we discuss blind spots and weaknesses, the discussion is always constructive, never punitive. By discerning what is both energizing and deflating for you through honest dialogue, we uncover what gives you purpose and sparks passion, key insights to helping you achieve your personal and professional best. 

My loyalty and unwavering integrity cultivate trustworthiness between my clients and me. I infuse energy and enthusiasm into all of my work to make the process of self-discovery both illuminating and enjoyable. I shine a light on the way they think, feel, and behave so they can embrace their Strengths with a sense of pride and ownership.  

The lasting power of Strengths in any of my facilitations isn’t with what’s on the page, but with our ability to help you make that information actionable. From my coaching and custom worksheets to my small and large group facilitations, I listen to the needs of my clients and build sessions and workshops that have a lasting impact.




Combining ten years of entrepreneurial experience with a certification in organizational effectiveness and Strengths coaching, I provide integratable services through workshops, Strengths facilitations, and goal-setting conversations to your company, organization, or nonprofit. My turnkey solutions provide the kind of measurable results that have clients working with my time and time again with new or ongoing needs.

Whether we’re working on team building, senior leadership alignment, or facilitating a day of Strengths sessions for the whole company, I get to know each team member personally. Through interactive discussions, we’ll learn about everyone’s personal insights, contributions to the team, and what kind of support will set them up for success.

Even when I’m facilitating large groups, I speak to every person in the room one-on-one to understand their wants and needs, often in front of the team. That vulnerability spreads and allows the full team to open up and communicate, allowing for the most impactful work.




In a world of constant communication, my focus is always on connection. My skills as a coach and consultant are nothing without the genuine care, compassion, and enthusiasm I bring to all of my relationships. I foster close relationships with all of my clients which is why they grow to trust me and see me as an objective third party to confide in when work frustrations arise, or they just need someone to talk to. I’m always accessible to my clients and make time for authentic interactions whether it’s a coffee to catch up or meeting over lunch to debrief. Business is personal and in order to be the best and most fully tuned-in resource I can be for you, I’ll always take the time to listen, understand, and be there for you.

From pain points to highlights, goals to insecurities, my clients come to me with all of their needs, and I’m honored to meet them. They are always excited and relieved to know they have someone to approach as a confidante which builds trust and allows them to work with me on a personal level. I understand the value of feeling seen and understood and am proud to provide that to everyone in my life, my clients included.