I am a founder, entrepreneur, philanthropist, strategic planner, and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. 

Like you, I’ve worn a lot hats.

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The path towards my becoming a Strengths Coach began in 2007 when I founded the popular San Diego-based supper club and music venue, Anthology. Combining my love of music with my background in business administration and marketing, The Relator and Arranger in me thrived overseeing the business while mentoring a staff of 75 in personal and professional development. It was formational experience in business, relationship building, and culture and team management—all skills that inform my work still today.

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Founder & Philanthropist

With Responsibility as one of my Top 5 Strengths and Belief in my Top 10, I am driven to give back and nurture the world around me. I founded Hand Up Youth Food Pantry, a successful youth leadership and social outreach program for San Diego high school students, designed to alleviate hunger in the local community. Housed within Jewish Family Service, the conception of this program was a real “aha” moment for me. Having seen the plans for the new Jewish Family Service building, I saw the space for the pantry and thought, why not have a food pantry run by the kids? I created and implemented a host of training and lifelong skill-building activities that I still use today in the areas of organization, strategic planning, fundraising, leadership, and volunteer management. Operations, logistics, and management are also core functions of my role as a founder and provide me with the insights I need to understand and successfully coach and advise my for-profit and nonprofit clients alike.

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Strategist & Advisor

I’m immensely proud of my work with Susan G. Komen San Diego and have been with the organization for nearly 10 years. I joined as a board member in 2012 and remained an active member until 2014, when I realized I could bring even more value to Komen as a consultant. My Input Strength shines here as a strategic planner and growth advisor providing consulting services in organizational effectiveness, program development, board facilitation, and strategic partnerships among the executive team. My bird’s eye view of what’s going on in the organization affords me a rich understanding of the inner workings, structure, and overall organization of the nonprofit world.

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My role as a Coach is the culmination of all my professional and personal experiences. It is the heart of my offerings and informs everything I do. As a coach, authenticity is my brand and relationships are the core of my business. As a one-on-one relationship builder, I listen to my clients’ needs and meet them where they are. Whether in solo or group settings, I guide them through the profoundly rewarding process of personal development, identifying their unique strengths, skills, and talents, pushing them to become the best version of themselves to enrich all aspects of their lives, including self-awareness, personal and professional growth, and so much more. I approach all of my work with compassion, support, encouragement, and of course, Positivity. For me, coaching is not only a passion but a calling, the perfect synergy between who I am, what I excel in, and what I want to give back to those I work with.

Leadership and Affiliations

Emeritus Member, Board of Directors
Susan G. Komen San Diego

Emeritus Member, Board of Directors
Jewish Family Service of San Diego

Emeritus Member, Executive Board
Member, Board of Trustees
San Diego Jewish Academy

President, Women’s Philanthropy
Campaign Chair, Women’s Philanthropy
Emeritus Member, Board of Directors
Jewish Federation of San Diego County

Certifications and Honors

Gallup-Certified Strength Coach

2018 Mitzvah Honoree

Jewish Family Service Centennial Gala

2018 “Women of Valor” Honoree
San Diego Jewish Arts Festival

Finalist – Women of Influence Emerging Business Leaders, 2017

San Diego Woman of the Year Nominee, 2011 and 2012

San Diego Women Who Mean Business Nominee, 2011

Most Innovative New Program
Jewish Family Service Hand-Up, 2009

Goodman Award for most innovative programming
Jewish Family Service Hand-Up, 2009

Young Leadership Award for Philanthropic Leadership, 2000