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 In business, facilitating Strengths is a powerful investment in company culture.

For everyone, it is an intentional move towards career fulfillment, and an illuminating step towards personal satisfaction.


By listening to the specific goals and needs of each client, I create a personalized plan for success to ensure clients see lasting results. My multidimensional approach means an unending possibility for change, growth, and discovery no matter what the individual, team, or company/organization situation may be.

My underlying approach as a Gallup-certified, CliftonStrengths coach is to cultivate and operate from a place of understanding. Every client completes the 177-question CliftonStrengths Assessment to identify their 34 unique talent themes in order. These are the naturally recurring patterns of thought, feelings, and behaviors which, when productively applied, create opportunities for growth and development.


My Services

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Personal Coaching

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The driving motive behind my personal coaching is to help individuals uncover and capitalize on their unique talents, so they can do and be their best selves.

I begin by asking, listening, and asking again, helping myself and my clients divulge the way they think, feel, and behave. With this insight, I provide actionable tools to calibrate, outsource, and apply different Strengths to achieve better outcomes and soften the friction of the challenging aspects of both work and life. Because the process of self-discovery can be overwhelming, I provide key takeaways and action plans after each session, as well as ongoing support, whether it’s a full session or a brief touch base. Individuals leave the first and every session with a greater understanding of themselves, feeling supported and understood, and with an action plan to implement.



Strengths Coaching for Senior Leadership

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I help executives maximize productivity, strengthen relationships, and elevate company culture through individualized C-suite coaching.

Strengths-based development occurs when individuals are applying their talents toward objectives best-suited for their strengths. With Strengths being the foundation for my multidimensional approach, I help executives develop more informed business strategies to support sustainable, healthy growth. Using findings from the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessments, I help senior leaders build a strengths-based company culture by developing plans to identify and invest in talents, aligning strengths with job responsibilities, and establishing annual performance goals. The result of this overall engagement is a deeper awareness and appreciation of their talents, an ability to foster their own leadership growth by way of this process, as well as establishing a work environment that is empowering for all.



Middle-Management Strengths Assessment

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I assist middle managers in understanding how their strengths are connected to their roles, while also helping senior leaders identify individuals with leadership potential.

Using the results of the CliftonStrengths assessment as well as a series of creative, interactive exercises, I work with middle managers to define what excellence in their current position looks like and develop strategies for future success. Customized tools and one-on-one coaching are used to clarify middle managers’ expectations of themselves and their colleagues, leading to more positive cross-functional dialogue and relationships. Managers walk away with a deeper connection to their work, understanding of their power within the company, and the motivation and rejuvenation to execute the plan of action we put together.



Employee Engagement

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By addressing employees both as a group and individually, I guide employees in achieving clarity, belonging, and a renewed passion for their work.

Engaged employees understand what they are expected to do, feel connected to their coworkers, and perform more successfully at work. As a certified instructor in the Gallup Q12 Employee Engagement Survey, I facilitate the measurement of items directly linked to key business outcomes, including turnover, profitability, safety, and customer engagement. A State-of-the-Team Conversation serves as the foundation for developing departmental action plans that make employee engagement a priority.



Team Building

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Using custom Team Grids and one-on-one conversation, I help teams operate as successfully, cohesively, and happily as possible.

The most effective teams are open with one another, selfless and willing to make sacrifices for the collective good of the organization. Truly cohesive teams are built on a foundation of trust. Using the findings from everyone’s personal CliftonStrengths report, I engage team members in direct conversations with each other, giving them the confidence to reveal their strengths and express their differences. From there, quarterly and semi-annual refresher sessions are designed to acknowledge accomplishments, nourish spirit de corps, and reinforce positive team behaviors. The teams I help always leave with a greater level of self-awareness, a sense of pride over their unique personal Strengths, and the tools to continue to grow and stand out in the workplace and beyond.



Board Leadership Facilitation

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In this proprietary offering, I strengthen and deepen organizational leadership, establish role clarity, and align term goals through guided dialogue.

Just as organizations take the time to cultivate relationships with donors and community partners, the same should be done with the most essential and high-functioning roles in the organization. Mastering collaboration and calibrating functionality between the CEO/Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors is the key to a productive and gratifying term. Before work can begin, it’s essential to lay a strong foundation for this new relationship to take form. 

Through my signature 4-step process, I facilitate a conversation between the incoming board chair and CEO or Executive Director to establish expectations, clarify roles and responsibilities. I also engage the board in a Strengths-based conversation based on the results of their CliftonStrengths Assessment to ensure everyone is working cohesively and effectively towards the organization’s goals.



 Whether it’s creating plans for expansion or strategizing new opportunities, I am a results-oriented planner and advisor dedicated to fostering holistic growth and engagement.

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